Sponsor an olive tree

Sponsor an olive tree

100.00 IVA incluido

What does the sponsorship include?


  • Certificate of sponsorship of an olive tree in our farm with its corresponding geolocation.
  • You willl receive at your home 4 cans of ½ litres of different varieties of organic extra virgen olive oil from Molino del Hortelano.(Shipping costs includes to any EU country).




Sponsor an olive tree

The Almazara Molino del Hortelano is aware of the importance of protecting the mountain olive grove. We have devised a sponsorship campaign to guarantee the future of our olive trees. We use the word sponsor instead of adopt an olive tree, to highlight the valuable role that the rural women perform in our territory, in addition to honoring mother earth, in this way we show our commitment to the enviroment.

With your support, you will help prtotec the mountain olive grove of Molino del Hortelano, avoiding its disappearance due to its low profibility compared to the other higher yielding olive crops.

 ¿Why sponsor an organic olive tree?

You will preserve the native biodiversity (like the local variety such as the picudo olive tree) and the conservation of the enviroment, since it is an ecological production that acts as a carbon suction (reducing the CO2 from the air). This also serves as a refuge for threatened species and contributes to fire prevention and soil erosion control.

Our olive grove maintains employment in our rural area.

By spomsoring, you will preserve the landscape and protecting the cultural heritage of our land.

Our EVOO is a unique and highly healthy olive juice; the agrological enviroment where the olive trees of Molino del Hortelano are grown (an extreme climate, poor and steep soil) make their collection difficult, but they give the olives a series of properties that give a high quality to the oil.

Among them is a high content of phenols, offering clear benefits to our body. With this, our olive trees will compensate you with their fruit and as a token of our gratitude with the olives we will send to your home and you can live the experience in first person by staying at our mill.

¿Who can sponsor an organic olive tree?

We offer you the opportunity to become an active and committed virtual olive grower which collaborates with an ecological and sustainable cultivation project.

You can sponsor an olive tree individually or collectively through a company, an association, a school….. In this way you will actively participate in this project helping to raise awareness about social consumption.

You can also give this beautiful experience as a gift.

¿How to sponsor?

The sponsorship will be valid for a period of one year. It does not entail permanency.

  1. When you adopt an oilve tree, we will baptize it with whatever name you give
  2. Tell us the address where you want to receive the olive oil, when we do the harvest mid december/ beginning of the year( if you want we can send it to someone else as a gift).
  3. You will receive by email the certificate of sponsorship of your olive tree with the geolocation and a photograph of the tree. We will create a medal made with the pruning remains with the name with which you have baptized your olive.

PRICE: 100€ (Certificate of sponsorship + 4 cans of ½ litres of different varieties of organic extra virgen olive oil (Shipping costs includes to any EU country).




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